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This is an encyclopedia about Yoshihiro Takahashi's work, with most focus on the Ginga-series and other dog manga.
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Here are some things you should keep in mind before editing:

  • Only move those articles who've already got infoboxes. Mind that the infoboxes are different from the old ones, so you can't just copy paste.
  • Do not copy-paste text with uncompleted sentences. Better leave it empty than adding uncompleted sentences.
  • Do not put semicolons (:) to abbreviations. This means it is not GDW:O it is GDWO. It is not G:TLW it is GTLW, and so on.

We always use macron (¯) over the following long vowels:

  • OU/OH/OO = Ō (ex. Ohu/Ouu/Oou = Ōu, Kyoushirou/Kyooshiroo = Kyōshirō)
  • UU = Ū (ex. Shuuga = Shūga)
  • EE = Ē (ex. Gohee Takeda = Gohē Takeda)
  • AA = Ā (ex. Taabou = Tābō)

Others are spelled out:

  • EI
  • II

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