Kacchū No Senshi Gamu

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Kacchū No Senshi Gamu
Author Yoshihiro Takahashi
1. Edition 2
2. Edition 1
3. Edition 1
Japanese Weekly Shōnen Jump

Kacchū no Senshi Gamu (The armoured warrior Gamu) is a dog manga from Yoshihiro Takahashi, publishied August 8, 1988 and November 21, 1988, in two volumes. First edition contains 2 volumes, and the second and third, only 1 volume.

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The story of takes place in Japan during the late 1550's – early 1560's. It tells the tale of the legendary ganins – a special type of dog ninjas. The ganins have a special pin inserted inside their helmet which develop their brains to a human level, where they can learn psychic powers, physical supernatural strength, telekinesis and even human language.

The clan the Kagerō is commander of the ganin Gamu, son of the legendary Honō. He fights for peace in the land Japan together with his master, Rando.

The story begins when Gamu defeats a warlord and returns to the current lord his clan works for, lord Eda. However, the Eda village is soon in trouble as the evil clan of Gama attacks and kills the leader of Kagerō and Rando's father, Ryūgen. Gamu subordinates Kusakage and Shiba disappears in the battle as well.

Gamu and Rando keeps a low profile and live in solitude until they meet Tōkichirō Kinoshita who introduces them to Nobunaga Oda. They team up with Nobunaga to fight Gama's allied army lead by Imagawa Yoshimoto. After defeating him, Gamu finds his old subordinates Kusakage and Shiba again. Together with them and Rando, they now begin to plan to defeat Gama.

As the final battle begins, it is revealed that Gama is no human warlord, but a ganin himself. Gamu and Gama fight but as Gamu loses his sword, Gama slices him in the head. Just as Gama is going to give Gamu the death strike, some ravens appears and pick Gama’s eyes. Gama screams in pain and as he’s trying to fight the birds off, Gamu graps his sword and chops Gama's head in two.

Rando and Gamu afterwards bury Gama to show that they had respect for their now deceased enemy.


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  • The Kagerō Clan was originally hinted to be the ancestor of Iga Clan, but this was later changed and the ancestors were confirmed to be Iga ganins instead.
  • Later editions have "Ginga Gaiden (銀牙外伝)" as part of the title. Meaning "Silver Fang Side Story"