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Hanako is the name of a real wolfdog hybrid and the short story titled after her, the fifth story of Ginga Densetsu Weed Gaiden.


In 1985, Yoshihiro Takahashi was visiting a friend in Los Angeles when he discovered her pet Hanako. Although Hanako was half Siberian Wolf and greatly resembled one, she had been registered as a dog by American standards. When Yoshihiro expressed interest, his friend offered to let him take her, being unable to look after her properly.

Although affectionate toward humans and gentle with children, Hanako was an escape artist and constantly got loose. She also had trouble getting along with the neighborhood dogs, getting into fights with them during her adventures. This went on for five or six years, until Hanako was 14 years old.

In her old age, Hanako became too weak to stand for very long, and started losing control of her bladder. She started to eat less, and only when her master fed her by hand. When Hanako started peeing blood, she was finally taken to get medical care. Discovering an infection in her uterus, she went into surgery to at least take away her pain.

Following the surgery, Hanako spent several days resting at the animal hospital when the veterinarian suddenly called the family to inform them that her condition was unstable. By the time they arrived to see her, she had passed on.

Hanako To Kurasu

Real life


  • Hanako's chapter is the only one in Weed Gaiden to feature a non-anthropomorphised dog, unlike the other chapters where the dogs were capable of speech and vivid facial expressions. While implied, Hanako is not actually seen involved in some form of violence either toward or against another individual, also a first within Weed Gaiden.