Hakugin No Teiō

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Hakugin No Teiō is a short story from Shiroi Senshi Yamato. It is included in Amakakeru Toki volume three.

The story of two thugs, Han and Kinji, steal dogs with the help of three dangerous Dobermanns. They also abducting eyewitness, Kenichi's father, and take up this mountain tent. Kenichi, Hayate, Ryō Fujiwara and Yamato will find a place and release Kenichi's father, as well as the captured dogs. Yamato and Hayate will win the battle villains dobermans, after which Musashi leads the police and the bad guys locked up. The boys will receive a reward of money and certificates. In addition, dogs are rewarded an honorary title; "Silver/Snow Emperors".